Bloom and Vivid

Bespoke Wristlet


With our Wristlets, these can be made on a ribbon, or a fixed bracelet base.

They can be any colour to match your gowns or outfits.

Just describe your gown, send a photo of the pattern and/or design and we will create you something beautiful.

You don’t have to match your partner’s boutonniere, you can have him/her in anything to suit his/her outfits for the Event.  We have been asked to do matching ones but can create individual styles for your requirements.

We could also make you a Crown to suit your gown or outfit if you want florals,  but not on your wrist or gown.

With our Hair Combs, these can be designed and created in any colour and if you have very full and thick hair we would recommend you go for the 13cm (5”) size.

We usually spread out the floral design to suit this size.

For the smaller ones, we pile them high with florals to ensure you get enough florals to make it look luxurious.

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