Bloom and Vivid Floral Art - About Us

BLOOM and VIVID is the union of two talented artists, Robyn Hart and Leanne de Wit whose passion for art, beauty and nature brought them together creating unique and lasting art installations. Made of high quality silk flowers sourced from all around the world.

At Bloom and Vivid, we create commission floral art pieces and back drops with handmade silk flowers designed to ‘wow’ your guests at your events, or visitors to your home. Each piece is unique. We often carry stock of some of our work for sale ‘off the rack’. The inspiration comes from nature, the seasons, or an emotion. The flowers are then laid out, digitalised, then reworked and committed and set into a medium to create permanent long lasting individual art pieces. They are bursting with luscious, colourful hand crafted silk flowers.



Bloom and Vivid Floral Art - About Us


We custom our designs to suit your needs. We can create shapes, letters, numbers, characters and every art piece is 100% unique. Best of all, unlike biological flowers, these art pieces can be shipped internationally.


Our garden of artisan crafted silk flowers, contains every colour in the rainbow. We can personalise the colour scheme for your floral art piece to match your wedding theme, corporate logo, favourite sports team, interior or whatever you desire.


Whether you require something special for a wedding, a baby shower, birthday party or product launch, our unique handcrafted floral designs make an exquisite piece of art that will suit your situation. Ideal for photos, our floral installations can become highly interactive and encourage involvement from the attendees at your event.
 Or, if you are looking for a unique artistic flair to spice up your interior design, we can create something beautiful for your home.

Bloom and Vivid Floral Art - About Us


All of our designs are created from our generous garden of hand crafted silk flowers, sourced from around the world,  and are easy to hang and display with their professional hangers. Featuring a quick set up and take down, these floral art pieces are as easy to use and they are breathtakingly beautiful


Should you choose to make one of our floral art pieces a part of your interior design, you can keep these lovely bursts of floral colour neat and tidy, simply by using a blow dryer. Set your drier to the coolest setting and blow any dust or debris off the silk flower arrangement and it will look as lifelike as it was on the day you first picked it up.